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Adult Orthodontics in Calgary

For some Adult Orthodontic Patients in Calgary the use of brackets and wires are required to effectively correct bite issues. But don’t be nervous about the thought of wearing orthodontic brackets as they also are available in tooth colored or clear materials that have been manufactured specifically with esthetics in mind.

Have a Head Cold? Make Sure Your Teeth Aren’t Suffering Too

This NW Calgary Orthodontist explains that your mouth can take a beating during a head cold due to the proximity to the sinuses, inner ears and throat. It’s very common for patients to complain of toothache when they have a cold – this is because teeth in the upper arch often feel discomfort that is related to sinus congestion. The good news is that the throbbing pain in your teeth doesn’t mean you need dental treatment – but it does mean that you have to take extra care to keep your mouth and teeth healthy; and that includes your orthodontic braces.

Taking Care of Your Orthodontic Retainer

At Cory Liss Orthodontics patients’ health and wellbeing are the foremost concern – so educating patients on the need to keep all orthodontic appliances clean is an important step in maintaining excellent oral health.

Eating With Orthodontic Braces

After the first few days of wearing braces your teeth will start to feel like normal and you’ll be ready to eat more regular food. Remember to stay away from the high sugar, super sticky and super hard stuff – you don’t want to break a bracket off or loosen a wire.

iTero Digital Scanner – Making Patient Comfort a Priority

Using iTero’s scanning capabilities; orthodontists are able to better predict treatment timing and response to aligner wear. Due to the reduction in adjustments – treatment is more efficient and effective – with up to 7 times less fit issues (as per Align Technology)…

Things To Consider When Choosing An Orthodontist

Why many individuals elect to see an orthodontist for teeth straightening is due to the fact that orthodontists tend to use more than one straightening system so are able to customize the level of care a patient receives. Some patients may need the benefits that orthodontic brackets and wires offer and use them in the early stages of treatment but are able to finish with a bracket-less system like Invisalign; that uses clear retainers to gently move teeth.

Orthodontic Myths – Get The Straight Facts

Calgary Orthodontists spend a good portion of their days providing consultations and options regarding orthodontic treatment. Ensuring that patients are aware of the ins and outs (and ups and downs) of teeth straightening systems – orthodontists in Calgary and Airdrie take advantage of consultations to debunk some of the crazy myths surrounding orthodontic braces, and make sure that patients are hearing the truth about brackets, wires, and orthodontic retainers.

How Do I Know If I Need Braces?

There are many signs and symptoms that suggest orthodontic treatment would be advantageous – and an early diagnosis provides parents with much needed information, and the opportunity for a Calgary Orthodontist to monitor and assess dental health – beginning orthodontic treatment at a time when results can be easily and effectively attained.