Myths Debunked: a few misconceptions about Orthodontic Care:

Post by: / September 19, 2016

Braces are for kids: It is never too late to start orthodontic care and get the smile you always wanted. 1 in 5 orthodontic patients are over the age of 21.

Braces are painful: Improvements in the materials used discomfort has been significantly reduced and braces are working better than ever with minimal to no discomfort.

Braces are the only option for alignment: Although Braces are a common treatment, alternatives are available. Invisalign is quickly becoming one of the most popular orthodontic treatments because it delivers the benefits of braces while being nearly invisible. Cory Liss Orthodontics can help you explore your options.

Crowding will get better as a child grows: Over time, adult teeth shift forward so crowding will actually worsen after the age of 9. The first orthodontic consultation is recommended as early as 6 years old so that future crowding can be monitored and prevented over time.

Orthodontic care starts working immediately: Although treatment begins working as soon as Damon Braces or Invisalign go on, orthodontic care is unique to each case and is sometimes unpredictable. Working with an Orthodontist will allow you the best treatment with ongoing visits to be able to shift treatment if needed to ensure the best and most effective timeline.

Orthodontic treatment is too expensive: Like many medical procedures, orthodontic treatment can be expensive. But at Cory Liss we work with each patient to find a payment plan that works for you and believe the financial burden should not stop you from getting the smile you’ve always wanted.

You need a referral from a dentist to see an orthodontist.: Absolutely not! Although dentists do refer patients to orthodontists, you do not need a referral to see an orthodontist. Click here to book an appointment with Cory and start your orthodontic journey!