Qualities to look for in an Orthodontic office

Post by: / August 19, 2016

Finding the right orthodontist is an important decision. You want to get the best care and achieve excellent results to have a smile you love showing off. Here are some of the things to consider when looking for an Orthodontic Office:



Is the orthodontist a specialist or a General Dentist that does orthodontics? An orthodontist is a dentist who completed an additional 2 year full-time university based education in an accredited orthodontic residency program after graduating from dental school. Orthodontists  have specialized education and knowledge in tooth movements and guidance of facial development. They are experts in dentistry and specifically trained to straighten teeth and align jaws.

Options and Technologies

Does the office offer options for treatment. Depending on your goals and timelines it is important to have options for what works best for your personalized care. Technology is making treatment faster, more efficient, more convenient, more comfortable and more aesthetic. Choose an office that has multiple and current technologies available.

Staff and Office Environment

Your visit with your Orthodontist goes far beyond just the Orthodontist themselves. You will interact with many staff members from reception to technicians. You will be spending a lot of time at your Orthodontists office, often 18+ appointments over the course of your treatment and you want to make sure you feel comfortable, respected and well taken care of by the staff.

Treatment Costs and Financing

Although this is usually on the top of everyone’s list for orthodontic treatment selection, it’s important to know when it comes to Orthodontics, you get what you pay for. Although treatment may seem like a big investment, it is a short term investment with long term benefits. Find an office that offers flexible payment options that will suit your needs.


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