Have a Head Cold? Make Sure Your Teeth Aren’t Suffering Too

Post by: / April 4, 2014

For most Calgarians this winter has dragged on a little too long, and though spring is rumored to be just around the corner, head colds are still lurking – waiting to knock down a healthy body.  Calgary and Airdrie Orthodontist, Dr. Cory Liss, makes a point of providing tips on how to keep your braces and teeth healthy – even during a head cold.

This NW Calgary Orthodontist explains that your mouth can take a beating during a head cold due to the proximity to the sinuses, inner ears and throat.  It’s very common for patients to complain of toothache when they have a cold – this is because teeth in the upper arch often feel discomfort that is related to sinus congestion.  The good news is that the throbbing pain in your teeth doesn’t mean you need dental treatment – but it does mean that you have to take extra care to keep your mouth and teeth healthy; and that includes your orthodontic braces.

When we’re congested with a head cold we unconsciously start breathing through our mouth – especially at night.  Breathing through the mouth makes us susceptible to dry mouth – a condition that literally sucks the life out of oral tissues and makes the sufferer a target for developing tooth decay.  Wearing orthodontic braces already increases the risk for decay, as food particles are easily trapped around brackets, but with the added side effects of a head cold, an orthodontic patient needs to keep the mouth hydrated to ensure dental decay doesn’t get a free pass.  Hydrating with water is probably the best way to keep the mouth moist and to help rinse brackets and orthodontic appliances.  It may be tempting to turn to sugary drinks that make you feel better – but the sugar isn’t helping your cold or your teeth – so try to stick to water.

At Cory Liss Orthodontics patients’ dental health is a priority and that means being able to provide some practical advice on how to keep teeth and orthodontic braces in good condition during times of sickness.  It’s common to turn to cough syrup and lozenges to help sooth a sore throat and cough – try to select sugar-free varieties, but if that’s not an option, always brush and floss your teeth after being exposed to medicines that contain sugar.  When you’re not feeling great the thought of dragging yourself out of bed to brush and floss seems like punishment – but the truth is that maintaining good oral hygiene not only keeps your braces free from plaque but will help you feel better faster.  Don’t forget to throw out your toothbrush after a head cold, as hidden germs can re-infect.

Getting sick from time-to-time is just part of life, but don’t let a little cold ruin your smile – keep up your daily oral hygiene routine so that you can feel and look your best fast!!

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