Adult Orthodontics in Calgary

Post by: / May 21, 2014

Our previous blogs have explained the benefits of Orthodontic Treatment and why choosing a Certified Calgary Orthodontist for orthodontic care is an important step in achieving your dream smile – but you’re probably thinking ‘just cut to the chase and tell me that’s it never too late for orthodontics’ – well ok – ‘it’s never too late for orthodontic treatment, with more adults than ever wearing braces or other orthodontic appliances’.    

Feel better? Advances in Orthodontic technology and enhancements in treatment methods are enabling patients to have the smile they’ve always wanted, regardless of age or degree of dental health issues.  Amazing as it may seem; there are patients in their fifties and sixties who are seeking orthodontic treatment for the first time, thanks to esthetically developed, comfort focused, orthodontic systems that enable teeth to be moved easily – whether you’re fifteen or fifty-five.

The fastest growing group of Orthodontic patients is adults! And with systems like Invisalign, that provides clear orthodontic aligners, there has never been a better time for adults to straighten their teeth without anyone knowing – that’s how discreet Invisalign retainers are.  Custom made using 3D imaging; Invisalign Clear Aligners are fabricated to meet the orthodontic needs of each patient while allowing for easy removal at mealtimes and during sports activities.  Imagine being able to straighten your teeth efficiently while having the freedom to remove the aligner when needed.  Invisalign Technology has already factored non-wear time in to the treatment plan – allowing important business meetings and functions to remain stress-free events.

For some Adult Orthodontic Patients in Calgary the use of brackets and wires are required to effectively correct bite issues.  But don’t be nervous about the thought of wearing orthodontic brackets as they also are available in tooth colored or clear materials that have been manufactured specifically with esthetics in mind.  This means that even the funkiest of bites can be corrected with minimal attention being drawn to a person’s smile.

NW Calgary and Airdrie Orthodontist – Dr. Cory Liss – provides adult orthodontic treatment and is happy to deliver effective orthodontic care using systems like Invisalign, Damon Braces, and Insignia to successfully address:

  • Crooked or Crowded Teeth
  • Chewing and Eating issues due to Bite Dysfunction
  • Jaw Joint Pain
  • Migraine Headaches
  • Clenching and Grinding
  • Wearing of Teeth   

Contact Cory Liss Orthodontics today to discover more about orthodontic treatment for adults – no referral required – 403.287.0746