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Transform Your Smile

Transform Your Smile - Cory Liss Orthodontics - Orthodontics Calgary

We’ve all heard the adage “new year, new you.” We are inundated with ways we can transform ourselves to become a theoretically better person. It seems that these messages are advising us to change everything about ourselves! But what if we told you that there are real ways to correct only the troublesome bits so
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Do-It-Yourself Dentistry

Do-It-Yourself Dentistry - Cory Liss Orthodontics - Orthodontics in Calgary

The best way to avoid dental emergencies that might tempt you into DIY dentistry is to be prepared. Don’t skip your regular appointments and practice good oral hygiene. If you are planning a trip and have an appliance like a temporary crown or other concern, visit your dentist or orthodontist right before leaving so that
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