Continuing Education – Why Your Orthodontist Should Stay Current

Post by: / June 1, 2019

To become an orthodontist in Canada, you have to take a lot of classes. Dental school itself takes four years, and most students take schooling before they even apply. After dental school, those wanting to become an orthodontist must apply for a postgraduate degree that can take anywhere from two to five years to complete. That’s already a very impressive amount of schooling. So why should you want your orthodontist to keep going back to the classroom?

Times are Changing

We have come a long way from the makeshift braces of old. Today’s orthodontic treatments are lighter, more comfortable, and more effective than even twenty years ago. Imagine how much could change and be improved in twenty more years! Continuing education is a way for orthodontists to stay on top of the constant research that experts in the industry are undertaking.

Keep on the Cutting Edge

Many of our patients like to look at Dr. Cory Liss as a sort of artist, and who can blame them? However, orthodontic treatments, unlike art, are objectively good or bad. Poor materials aren’t a matter of expression, they are simply lower quality. When it comes to comfort and orthodontic success, you don’t want to be treated by an orthodontist forever in their blue period.  Instead, opt for an orthodontic professional who boasts experience and a continually evolving knowledge of their craft.

Demonstrate Commitment

Orthodontists don’t technically have to undertake continuous education to keep their qualifications. Those that do enrol in courses or seminars are spending their own time and money. They are investing in their practice, but more importantly, investing in their patients. An orthodontist who keeps learning is continually demonstrating their commitment to your smile.

Undergoing orthodontic treatment is effectively trusting a professional to alter the most visible part of your body, your smile. Don’t trust that to just anyone.

In sum, there is something to be said about professionals who choose to undergo more schooling. At the end of the day, that desire to improve and provide the greatest level of service possible only works to better your experience and maintain long-lasting results. For an orthodontic team that is always learning, give us a call today at: 587-355-2791.