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Invisalign Isn’t Just for Adults & Teens

Charming young boy smiling to the camera, sitting in dental chair

You probably know that a lot of teens and even adults are enjoying the benefits of Invisalign treatment; but they aren’t the only demographics that can achieve their perfect smile through those invisible plastic aligners. More and more we are treating children as young as 8 all the way up to seniors in their seventies!
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Guatemala & Dentistry For All

Guatemala & Dentistry For All - Cory Liss Orthodontist - Orthodontists in Calgary - Featured Image

It’s no mystery that our oral health affects our overall health. Making dentistry a necessity for maintaining a healthy life. Unfortunately, not everyone has access to proper dental care. In fact, it is estimated that 3.9 billion people are living with some type of oral disease. Despite these enormous numbers, nearly half of the world’s
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