Water Flossing and Orthodontic Treatment

Post by: / January 28, 2022

When it comes to oral hygiene, any orthodontic appliance will require extra care and attention to detail. This is because you now have something new to keep clean, and you may have bands around teeth, brackets on teeth, attachments, or even something new on the roof of your mouth. These additions mean there are now extra nooks and crannies where bacteria and food can build up, and your regular brushing and mouthwash routine will need reinforcement. While your dentist has always recommended flossing at least once each day, this becomes even more crucial during orthodontic treatment. If you do not keep your teeth clean, the debris left behind can cause discoloration on your tooth excluding where the brackets are, leaving white spots behind and make your teeth more cavity prone, as well as cause inflammation of your gums. Water flossing is a quick and convenient way to keep your teeth healthy and clean.


By improving your oral hygiene routine during orthodontic treatment, you ensure that the moment your appliance, braces, or Invisalign treatment is completed, you are showcasing your healthiest most confident smile.


One great tool to help you maintain your oral health that you may not already have at home is the water flosser. A water flosser is an electronic device that works similarly to a piece of floss. It uses  small stream of water to gently sweep away any debris between the teeth, around the brackets, and beneath the wires or appliances. They are easy to use and can be more comfortable than feeding floss through your fixed appliances.



There are a variety of models when it comes to water flossers, with the most popular brand being Waterpik. Some models contain a water reservoir that sits on your bathroom counter, while others do not require the large base. There are also special attachments that can be purchased to best fit around orthodontic appliances. You can check out some options here.

Tips For Water Flossing

  • Start with low water pressure
  • Lean over the sink and close your lips to keep the water from splashing. Once started, let the water flow from your mouth into the sink.
  • Start at your back teeth and point to tip towards your gum line
  • Use once a day


Check out this video for a great demonstration of how a water flosser works around braces brackets and wires.


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