December 2013 - Cory Liss Orthodontics

Are You Noticing White Spots Around Orthodontic Brackets?

Sometimes Orthodontists in Calgary will hear patients express concern regarding the development of white spots around brackets. What are they and why do they appear? White spots on teeth are areas of de-mineralization and indicate a softening of the enamel that can lead to a cavity. Softening of enamel due to acid erosion can be prevalent in patients who aren’t brushing and flossing their teeth regularly and effectively during orthodontic treatment. Our past blogs have explained the need to keep tooth and bracket surfaces squeaky clean to avoid the development of weakened enamel and white spots.

Holiday Treats That Won’t Damage Orthodontic Brackets Or Wires

2013 is nearly over – only two more weeks before the ‘Big Guy’ arrives and holiday treats become a daily focus. Orthodontists in Calgary and Airdrie understand that everyone wants to be able to enjoy a little treat at Christmas time and recognize that choosing the right treat goes a long way to help prevent breakage of orthodontic brackets and wires. Just like Halloween and other candy laden occasions – Christmas is a time to have fun but choose treats wisely as you don’t want to kick off the New Year with a trip to your Calgary Orthodontist.

Why Wearing Your Orthodontic Elastics Is An Important Part Of Treatment Success

The one thing that Orthodontists around the world agree on is the frustration of getting patients to correctly wear orthodontic elastics. Orthodontists and Orthodontic Assistants in Calgary aren’t above begging when it comes to making sure treatment goals are achieved – and that means getting ‘you’ (yes, you know who you are) to wear your elastics faithfully. Treatment success relies on patient compliance – so help us out by wearing your Rabbits, Moose, and Elephants…your elastics!!