Are You Noticing White Spots Around Orthodontic Brackets?

Post by: / December 30, 2013

Sometimes Orthodontists in Calgary will hear patients express concern regarding the development of white spots around brackets.  What are they and why do they appear?  White spots on teeth are areas of de-mineralization and indicate a softening of the enamel that can lead to a cavity.   Softening of enamel due to acid erosion can be prevalent in patients who aren’t brushing and flossing their teeth regularly and effectively during orthodontic treatment.  Our past blogs have explained the need to keep tooth and bracket surfaces squeaky clean to avoid the development of weakened enamel and white spots.

Calgary Orthodontists take your smile very seriously – not only do they want your teeth to be straight at the end of treatment, but healthy too.  Maintaining healthy teeth during and after orthodontic treatment means that patients have to commit to taking care of their pearly whites – flossing daily, brushing multiple times during the day, and maintaining regular professional cleanings at their with their General Dentist.  While wearing orthodontic braces patients are still expected to keep seeing their hygienist to ensure that teeth and braces are in tip-top shape.  De-mineralization or hypomineralization of enamel occurs when plaque is not removed and the acids, that the bacteria in plaque produces, erodes the enamel of teeth – causing it to become soft and appear ‘white’ in areas.  White spots often occur around orthodontic brackets where plaque can easily gather and be missed when brushing too quickly or not often enough.

There’s no magic secret to preventing demineralization and white spots on teeth – it comes down to brushing and flossing diligently.  Switching from a manual to electric toothbrush with specially designed toothbrush heads and advanced brushing technology can reduce the buildup of plaque around brackets.  Nobody loves to floss – well maybe Orthodontists in Calgary – but this simple daily habit goes a long way to keep plaque from developing and hardening in-between teeth and around brackets.  Your Calgary Orthodontist will probably give you the right tools to help brushing and flossing be stress-free, so don’t forget to use them daily to keep oral tissues healthy.

Your Orthodontist may also recommend the use of a fluoride rinse to help strengthen the enamel of teeth.  Talk to your Orthodontist in Calgary before purchasing any rinses, as they may not be necessary or the best for you.  Most people use toothpaste with fluoride, which is essential during orthodontic treatment but if your brackets are removed and you notice a white halo where the brackets use to be – don’t panic.  There are pastes and treatments available to help correct the signs of demineralization.  NW Calgary Orthodontist – Dr. Cory Liss – stresses the importance of caring for your teeth during treatment and welcomes patients enquiries regarding the prevention and treatment of white spots.  Call today for more information 403.287.0746