Hiding from the orthodontist? We can help with orthodontist and dentist anxiety

Orthodontist and Dentist Anxiety: Tips for a Stress-Free Visit

Post by: / November 9, 2023

Orthodontist and dentist anxiety happens for many people and if this sounds like you or your child read ahead for tips for a stress-free visit. Visiting the orthodontist or dentist is a crucial part of maintaining good oral health. Whether it’s the sound of the equipment, the unfamiliar surroundings, or the fear of potential pain, dental or orthodontic appointments can trigger feelings of unease. However, it’s essential to address these fears and anxieties to ensure you receive the necessary care for your teeth and overall well-being. In this blog post, we’ll explore some strategies to help you deal with orthodontist and dentist anxiety and turn your appointments into stress-free experiences.

Choose the Right Dental Professional

Selecting a dentist or orthodontist with a professional caring and understanding demeanour is essential. Look for reviews, ask for recommendations from friends or family, and consider scheduling a meet-and-greet appointment with your prospective orthodontist or dentist to get a sense of their personality and approach. Finding someone who can put you at ease is the first step in managing anxiety. Here you can read about Dr. Liss’s qualifications.

A clean and calm office can help ease anxiety.

Communicate Your Fears

Don’t be afraid to discuss your anxieties with your orthodontist or dentist. They are experienced in dealing withnervous patients and can adjust their approach to make you more comfortable. You might find that just talking about your concerns can alleviate some of the stress.

Bring a Supportive Friend or Family Member

Having a trusted friend or family member accompany you to your appointment can provide a sense of security and reassurance. They can offer support and keep you distracted during the procedure, making the experience less daunting.

Use Relaxation Techniques

Deep breathing, meditation, and mindfulness exercises can be valuable tools for managing anxiety during a dental appointment. Practice these techniques before and during your visit to help keep your stress levels in check. Check out this link to relaxation techniques.

Bring Distractions

Listening to your favourite music, an audiobook, or a podcast can be a fantastic distraction during your dental or orthodontic procedure. Focusing on something enjoyable can help divert your attention from the  sounds and sensations and keep your mind focused on something else.

Regular Checkups

Frequent checkups can help reduce the intensity of your anxiety. The more regularly you visit your orthodontist or dentist, the less time problems have to develop, meaning less invasive and more comfortable treatments.

Focus on the Positive

Remember the benefits of taking care of your oral health, such as a beautiful smile, improved self-confidence, and overall well-being. Concentrate on these positive aspects to help reduce anxiety.


Dealing with orthodontist or dentist anxiety is a common challenge, but it’s essential to address it for the sake of your oral health. By choosing the right dental professional, communicating your fears, and using relaxation techniques, you can transform your dental appointments from stressful experiences into manageable and, even, pleasant ones! Don’t let anxiety prevent you from taking care of your smile and overall health. Remember, you’re not alone, and many professionals are ready to support you on your journey to stress-free dental visits. Contact us here to talk to us about your next appointment.