Calgary Orthodontist Shares Signs You May Need Braces

Post by: / March 26, 2013

Orthodontist in CalgaryDr. Cory Liss – discusses the signs that may indicate it’s time to begin Orthodontic Treatment in Calgary.

Most people know that orthodontic braces are used to straighten teeth – but that’s not the only reason individuals seek out orthodontic treatment, as the specialty of orthodontics goes beyond just treating teeth, but also diagnoses and treats skeletal deficiencies, congenital concerns, TMJ discomfort, speech impediments, and all causes relating to why teeth are not in correct alignment.

Crowded Teeth (teeth that overlap one another) is often the motivating factor for people to consult with a Calgary Orthodontist.  Teeth that are crowded are hard to keep clean as brushing and flossing can be challenging and gum tissue is therefore often inflamed. Everyone wants a beautiful smile that reveals straight teeth and balanced gum line – even celebrities are prepared to wear braces to improve tooth position and enhance their smile – teeth straightening systems like Invisalign and InvisalignTeen are perfect for people living busy social lives as they are almost undetectable yet are able to unravel crowding and move teeth in to better position.

Gaps In-between Teeth also benefit from orthodontic care. Orthodontic Braces – such as Damon Brackets – place gentle force on teeth to close gaps and create better arch form.  Unnatural gaps between teeth also pose an issue for gum health due to exposure during chewing.  When teeth are in correct alignment they provide protection to gum tissue – preventing tissue from being damaged. If gaps are due to missing teeth orthodontic braces are able to maintain the right amount of space – in the correct place – so that missing teeth can be replaced with implants or Porcelain Bridge. Orthodontists in Calgary always work closely with a patient’s General Dentist to ensure that treatment goals are being met.

Discrepancy in Jaw Sizes may be the reason why someone seeks orthodontic treatment.  Obvious to the patient, family and friends; jaw discrepancy can effect self-esteem and create self-consciousness.  An Overbite or Underbite is a result of size discrepancy between the top and bottom jaw.   The lack of balance between jaw sizes presents difficulty when eating and chewing, which can lead to digestive concerns and nutritional issues.  Seeing a Calgary Orthodontist for an orthodontic consultation is a great first step to establish an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan – which can alleviate unneeded stress trying to anticipate ‘what braces involve’ – getting braces is the beginning of an exciting, transformative time and should be celebrated!

TMJ Discomfort that just doesn’t ever go away may be an indication that orthodontic treatment is needed. When top and bottom teeth don’t touch properly amazing strain is put on the jaw joint to get teeth to come together. Over time the strain on jaw joint and facial muscles creates muscle tension, headaches and jaw pain.  Orthodontic treatment is a viable option to help address the malocclusion that causes TMJ discomfort.

“I just want that one tooth to look better” – you don’t have to live with one tooth out of alignment.  Minimal orthodontic treatment is also available to perfect an ‘almost perfect’ smile. NW Calgary Orthodontic team – Cory Liss Orthodontics – has treatment options for everyone and is happy to see new patients without a referral.  Call today for an appointment and let this Calgary Orthodontist create your beautiful new smile