The Shift: Why Teeth Move After Braces

Post by: / August 1, 2018

Once your braces are removed, you may find that your teeth will shift. This is a completely natural process, but ignoring it could result in you losing that incredible smile you’ve worked so hard to achieve! Here’s why your teeth move after braces and what you can do about it:

Held in Place

While your braces are on, your teeth are being pushed into a desired direction. The wires and brackets, or aligners, work against the natural gaps and crowding present in your mouth in order to create a more aligned appearance. Your teeth will respond to this pressure much more quickly than your facial bones and gums. So although your pearly whites will look immaculate once your braces are removed, your gums and facial bones still have some catching up to do.

The Natural Shift

Once your braces have been removed, your teeth will start to move. This is because of the aforementioned catch-up being played by your gums and bones, but also due to your tongue and wear from chewing. In many cases, this shifting could actually aid your bite. Minimal adjustments will help your teeth move into place more naturally.

Retain Your Smile

Allowing your teeth to shift too far beyond their desired positions, however, can reverse all of the treatment you just spent months or even years achieving! This is where your retainer comes in. This little device will literally retain your oral alignment. In addition, it will allow your gums and bones to adjust to your new dental arrangement. The first month following the removal of your braces is the time where the most natural movement will occur. Because of this, it is crucial that you wear your retainer as recommended by your orthodontist. Once your bite stabilizes, you will not need to wear your retainer as often.

Just because you’ve had your braces removed, doesn’t mean that your treatment is over! Maintaining your stellar smile means wearing your retainer and paying attention to what’s going on in your mouth. If you notice exaggerated shifting, contact your friendly Calgary orthodontists at Cory Liss today!