Why Are My Teeth Moving After Orthodontic Treatment?

Post by: / March 23, 2015

Have your orthodontic braces been off for a few months? – Do you love gazing in the mirror at your new smile? – Are you noticing that your beautifully straight teeth have subtly moved, or are you just imagining this?


Remember at the end of your treatment when your brackets and wires were removed and you were rewarded with some snacks that you had faithfully avoided during active treatment – AND your Calgary Orthodontist explained the importance of wearing your customized retainer?  Well your orthodontist wasn’t joking – wearing your retainer as instructed is a vital part of treatment – the icing on the cake – and plays a huge role in the maintenance of your newly established healthy bite.

NW Calgary Orthodontist – Dr. Cory Liss – explains that wearing an Orthodontic Retainer isn’t optional; it’s part of your orthodontic treatment and deserves more respect than it often gets.  The clear acrylic retainer or acrylic and metal variety that is presented in its own case for safe keeping should be given the attention it deserves as its humble appearance actually disguises its true worth and the consequences of not wearing it faithfully.

During orthodontic treatment teeth are being moved in to positions that enhance a patient’s dental health and bite.  And though these new positions create healthy arch forms and tooth to tooth relationships – the new position is initially foreign to teeth – so they need a gentle reminder to stay in their new position and not drift back to their original place.  Your Orthodontic Retainer is the gentle reminder that your new bite needs while bone develops around roots and dental tissues tighten up around teeth – forgetting to wear your retainer or thinking that it isn’t important creates an opportunity for teeth to shift and old bite issues to re-emerge.

Dr. Cory Liss and his orthodontic team stress the importance of wearing a retainer – as without it a person’s newly created smile can begin to shift.  So before you notice your teeth inching their way back to their crooked place – wear your retainer as instructed by your orthodontist – as that insignificant looking appliance works hard to keep teeth in correct alignment.

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