Migraine Therapy with Orthodontic Braces

Post by: / September 3, 2013

Migraine Headaches are no fun – it doesn’t matter if you’ve lived with them all your life (yes, even children get migraines) or have recently developed this form of debilitating headache – the reality is that Migraines can take the fun out of life and suck the life out of those who are suffering.  Brought on by triggers such as, stress, hormonal fluctuations, strong perfumes, environmental factors, certain foods, and untreated bite issues – it may be challenging to track down the exact cause but developing a strategic plan for relief is what Calgary Orthodontists do well.  Orthodontists in Calgary are familiar with both the signs and symptoms of Migraine Headaches, and have a clear understanding of how malocclusion (bad bite) is often the main trigger behind them

Calgary Orthodontists specialize in the straightening of teeth – with involves treating the entire oral structure to create a balanced, functional bite.  The oral system is made up of soft tissue (gums), bone, skeletal structure, and muscles.  Orthodontic treatment doesn’t merely focus on teeth – but takes the entire dental system in to consideration and how improving the bite improves the health of the entire system.  Popular culture stresses the benefits of ‘straight teeth’ and ‘the perfect smile’ when discussing orthodontic benefits – but the reality is that Orthodontists in Airdrie and Calgary are regularly straightening crooked teeth, correcting narrow arches, over bites, and under bites, as part of a much bigger picture – a patient’s general health.

Orthodontic Braces are used to move teeth in to an improved position that allows top and bottom arches to relate functionally, arch formation to be of desired shape, teeth to interdigidate with opposing teeth, and be in good alignment with adjacent teeth, and for skeletal deficiencies to be addressed.  By creating a healthier dental system; symptoms such as clenching and grinding, jaw popping and clicking, are stoppedWhen a Calgary Orthodontist is speaking with Migraine patients’ – these are often the symptoms that they were experiencing prior to orthodontic treatment.  When teeth and jaws don’t ‘fit’ together, tension exists within the dental structure – and this tension can lead to excruciating headaches, neck pain, back and shoulder discomfort, all of which add up to one hell of a Migraine Headache.

Airdrie and Calgary OrthodontistDr. Cory Liss – is experienced in treating patients whose goal is to address Migraine Headaches with orthodontic braces.  Focusing on designing customized treatment plans that address all dental concerns – this Calgary Orthodontist welcomes new patients to his practice and looks forward to seeing your smile.  Call today – no referral required – 403.287.0746