Do-It-Yourself Dentistry

Post by: / November 14, 2018

The best way to avoid dental emergencies that might tempt you into DIY dentistry is to be prepared. Don’t skip your regular appointments and practice good oral hygiene. If you are planning a trip and have an appliance like a temporary crown or other concern, visit your dentist or orthodontist right before leaving so that they can secure anything that may pose a risk while you’re away. Unfortunately there are those people who believe that bypassing the professionals altogether is a smart idea.

Gap Banding

There are those who have attempted to mimic the effect of braces by wearing rubber bands in between their teeth at night while they sleep. The idea is that the bands will help to close gaps between teeth. On the surface this may seem like an intuitive approach, the reality however can be quite damaging. Without full knowledge of the mouth and its structure, DIYers run the risk of wrecking their teeth and even having the rubber band slide up into their gums, causing damage and infection.

Pulling Teeth

In this example we aren’t talking about pulling your child’s loose teeth to set under their pillow for the tooth fairy. Rather, we are referring to full grown adults who take extraction into their own hands. Not only is this an incredibly painful experience, but it is more than likely that the DIYer will break the top of the tooth and leave the root behind. This can result in infection and a whole other host of issues.


There are many options on the market for at-home dental cement kits. The important part to remember is that these are only temporary. Gluing foreign materials into your mouth can introduce and trap bacteria, and create an abrasive surface that wears away at the surface of your tooth or gums.

For many people, they are driven to DIY because they feel as though they cannot afford proper treatment. You might be surprised to learn that you can afford more than you think. Contact us today for a free consultation. We’ll discuss treatment options and payment plans tailored to fit your budget. Don’t cause yourself DIY pain; come to the professionals!