Orthodontics In Calgary… It’s Never Been Easier

Post by: / January 30, 2013

Creating straight teeth and beautiful smiles is something Calgary Orthodontist, Dr. Cory Liss, specializes in. A native Calgarian, who knows that offering families and individuals amazing service and treatment results can put a smile on the most hesitant of orthodontic patients.

A family man, who can relate to how busy life can get, Dr. Liss appreciates the need to make treatment a fun, exciting experience but also an efficient experience with minimal time spent in the orthodontic office. This interest and focus on developing efficient, successful, treatment plans means Cory Liss Orthodontics turns to trusted and proven orthodontic systems. Systems like Damon Braces with the unique ‘sliding doors’ feature that translates to less friction, easier movement of teeth, and the potential for faster treatment time. The Damon System® was developed by an orthodontist, someone who understands the need to deliver beautiful smiles and healthy bites, but in a way that reduces orthodontic appointments. Orthodontic treatment in Calgary is a family affair. It’s a commitment from the patient, often a teenager, Mom, Dad and accompanying siblings. Life is busy enough so having orthodontic options that focus on decreasing lengthy appointments means there’s still time for the important things like hockey games, ringette and family time.

Whether a young teen or busy executive, Damon System is developed to take in to account how you will look in years to come. Its signature ‘full smile’ due to reducing the need for extractions creates a youthful, esthetically pleasing result. Patients are thrilled with their straight teeth, but amazed at the other subtle facial enhancements. Damon Braces make Calgary orthodontic patients smile from the inside out by contributing to increased self- esteem, improving overall dental health and of course, creating the smile you’ve always wanted.

Worried how you’ll look in your new braces? Check out Damon Clear the near invisible orthodontic bracket ‘Invisible Braces For Teeth’. Offered by Orthodontic Specialists like Dr. Cory Liss, these invisible orthodontic brackets might be just what you’ve been looking for…they’re practically invisible, Dr. Liss will help you find them!

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