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Tips for the Tooth-Conscious Easter Bunny

Tips for the Tooth-Conscious Easter Bunny - Cory Liss Orthodontics - Orthodontics in Calgary

Easter is just around the corner. April 1st marks a day full of delicious chocolate and lively egg hunts. As much fun as the long weekend can be, it is easy to forget about our orthodontics. That neglect can lead to broken brackets, cavities, and a host of other issues that will be quick to
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Your Confident Smile Awaits

Your Confident Smile Awaits - Cory Liss Orthodentics - Orthodontics in Calgary

Do you find yourself shrinking away from selfies? When you meet someone new, do you make an effort to smile with your lips closed? Is your “problem area” your mouth? If this sounds like you, your crooked teeth and poor bite could be affecting more than just your photo opportunities. Here are three reasons why
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