Wondering If Your Child Needs Orthodontic Braces?

Post by: / August 29, 2014

Wondering If Your Child Needs Orthodontic Braces?Have you been gazing at your child’s smiling, wondering ‘do they need orthodontic braces’? Calgary Orthodontist, and family man, Dr. Cory Liss understands the nagging little questions you may have regarding your child’s smile.  Do you hope that crooked teeth will straighten themselves out as your child grows – or maybe your child has inherited a quirky bite that you’ve been told ‘never hurt his Dad’. It’s hard as a parent to always know what the ideal choice of treatment should be – and whether orthodontic treatment is essential; that’s why bringing your child to a trusted Calgary Orthodontist is a good place to start in establishing just how quirky your child’s bite really is.

Dr. Cory Liss is a NW Calgary Orthodontist who recommends taking your child to an orthodontist for a consultation around the age of seven.  Bringing your child to an orthodontist at this age keeps treatment options open and enables a Calgary Orthodontist to start early treatment if necessary, or to monitor your child’s jaw development, and start orthodontic treatment at a later age, around twelve.  What’s important is to establish the primary concerns and treatment necessities – if any.  Waiting to talk to an orthodontist in Calgary about your child’s jaw growth and tooth alignment may eliminate the ability to correct issues with minor orthodontic appliances like an arch expander – a remedy that is comfortably worn by a young child.

Sometimes the best treatment is no treatment until your child is older and jaw development and tooth alignment is determined.  Early intervention isn’t always the ideal treatment plan as some minor crookedness and misalignment of teeth can self-correct as a child’s jaw grows.  But regular monitoring of bite issues by an orthodontist in Calgary ensures that treatment can begin at any juncture, and skeletal deficiencies and poor alignment corrected at the most opportune time.

A consultation with a Certified Orthodontist in Calgary is a great place to start in establishing your child’s orthodontic needs.  Orthodontists are Dentists who have gone on to receive additional training in the diagnosis, treatment planning, and treatment of malocclusions and skeletal issues.  Don’t trust your child’s smile to just anyone – make an appointment to see Cory Liss Orthodontics today 403.287.0746