Orthodontic Braces in Calgary

Post by: / July 23, 2013

Orthodontists in Calgary will agree that no two smiles are alike – and require customized, precision orthodontic treatment planning, in order to form the perfect healthy smile. NW Calgary Orthodontist – Dr. Cory Liss – utilizes trusted orthodontic bracketing systems to assist in the creation of an improved bite, and beautiful smile.

One of the orthodontic systems Dr. Liss often incorporates in to treatment plans is Insignia Braces.Insignia Braces are designed and fabricated by Ormco ™ – the makers of Damon Braces (with the unique sliding doors) – Insignia combines custom 3D computerized treatment planning, along with specially made wires and brackets to meet the specific orthodontic needs of each patient. This NW Calgary Orthodontist respects that every patient presents with their own treatment requirements and goals.  Honoring this; Calgary Orthodontist, Dr. Cory Liss, tests and evaluates many orthodontic systems to ensure they meet treatment goals and designs.  Insignia Braces is one system that does an amazing job of straightening teeth and creating healthy functional bites.

As previously mentioned, Insignia Braces combines the use of 3D imagining – that creates a precise image of the impressions your Calgary Orthodontist takes of your teeth.  Once the 3D image is created, custom brackets and wires are then made for each patient’s exact prescription.  There’s no one-size fits all approach – and the customization of orthodontic treatment means that treatment time, challenges, and result is more predictable – so eliminating any surprises and unanticipated changes to treatment planning.

Orthodontic treatment in Calgary is some of the most advanced and successful in the world today.  Orthodontists in Calgary are familiar with seeing ranges of bitedeficiencies and are able to provide orthodontic solutions that address even the funkiest of bites.  The manufactures of Insignia Braces understand the challenges today’s orthodontists face when diagnosing and treating both children and adult patients – and by viewing orthodontic care as a modality that demands precision and customization – Insignia Braces contribute to a positive orthodontic experience and effective end result.

Insignia Braces are suitable for everyone and provide the busiest teenager, (or Mom), with an opportunity to straighten teeth while not having to spend too much time in the orthodontic office. Insignia’s strength of being able to predict tooth movement – and therefore the timing of treatment – affords Calgary Orthodontists with the luxury of being able to precisely plan appointment intervals and estimated time for case completion.  This precision planning means patients know in advance how long they can expect to be participating in orthodontic treatment – and how many office visits are required.

Regardless of the orthodontic system being used; a successful orthodontic case depends on patient compliance throughout all stages of treatment.  Part of orthodontic compliance involves seeing your General Dentist in Calgary for routine cleanings and check-ups.  Just because you’re wearing orthodontic braces does not mean you don’t have to keep up with regular cleanings – in fact the opposite is true.  Wearing braces changes the pH balance in the mouth – contributing to increase plaque and calculus formation and increases the potential for cavities.  See your Calgary Dentist for cleanings, so that when your braces are removed your teeth sparkle!!!

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