Keep Smiling for the Holidays!

Post by: / December 1, 2017

The holiday season is upon us; tables full of delicious food and living rooms full of loved ones are going to be our new normal for a while. Whichever holiday you are celebrating this December, the last thing you’re probably thinking about is your oral health. But neglecting your regular routine could create an opportunity for some unwanted chaos. No one wants to be visiting their Calgary orthodontist when everyone else is having fun. We’ve compiled a list of the three most common problems our patients experience over the holiday season and how to avoid them:

Broken Brackets

With all of the extra food around, our teeth tend to put in a little more work than usual. The cookies, the truffles, and Grandma’s gingerbread all make their way to our stomachs. Be mindful of what you are putting into your mouth and what may play rough with your braces. Treats like hard toffee can break brackets, even if you are very careful. A great solution is to opt for softer sweets like shortbread cookies or pecan-free butter tarts.

Lost Aligner Trays

You’ve sat down for salmon and potato latkes, and before you know it, your aunts are arguing about politics. You join in the conversation only to realize hours later that you don’t remember where you put your aligners! How long have they been out, anyways?

Avoid this frustration by keeping your aligner trays in a special case that you can keep in your pocket or close to you. Some of our patients use brightly coloured cases that are a great visual reminder. Another method is to set a timer on your phone to buzz when you need to pop them back in.

Poor Oral Routine

While this one probably won’t have you calling in during the holiday break, it will impact your orthodontic treatment in the long run.

  • Wear your aligners — No one wants to come to their next orthodontic appointment and learn that their treatment time has to be extended. Remember, those trays must be in your mouth for at least twenty-two hours a day. Split the remaining two hours up over the course of the day, or save it all for Kwanzaa dinner, we won’t judge!
  • Keep brushing — in fact, it is a good idea to tote your toothbrush and use it a little more often than usual.
  • Floss! Floss! Floss! — Whether you’ve piled up on braised brisket or corn-on-the-cob, some of that food is bound to get stuck in your teeth. Don’t let it hang out for too long, or you’re at a high risk for cavities and gingivitis.

Don’t miss out on any holiday joy because of avoidable orthodontic issues. Take these precautions now, so you can focus on the spirit of the season! From all of us here at Cory Liss Orthodontics, Happy Holidays and see you in 2018!