What To Do After Your Invisalign Treatment is Done

Post by: / January 10, 2018

If you took the plunge into the world of orthodontics in 2017, 2018 may be the year that you complete your Invisalign treatment! Freedom is close at hand. Popping out those aligner trays for the last time can be a very liberating experience, but remember that you aren’t quite finished with your pearly whites.

Wear Your Retainer

Our bodies are constantly shifting as we go through life. Because of this, our teeth are prone to shifting even after we’ve had corrective treatment. For this reason you will receive your very own retainer after completing your Invisalign treatment.  Whether you get a traditional metal one or a clear plastic one, it is imperative that you wear it as instructed by your orthodontist. Although you will need to wear your retainer regularly, it will not be nearly as often as your Invisalign trays were. In most cases, you will just need it in at night.

Take Care of Your Retainer

Retainers, like any equipment, are subject to wear and tear over time. Generally you will need a replacement every nine to twelve months. Daily cleaning will help get your retainer to that one year mark.  Do not use toothpaste, as it is abrasive and can damage it. Instead you can use warm soapy water and scrub with a toothbrush, or soak your retainer in a solution specially made for this purpose.

Maintain Regular Dental Check-Ups

Just because your Invisalign treatment is complete doesn’t mean that you don’t need to go in for check-ups anymore! While we won’t be seeing you nearly as often, make sure that you schedule regular appointments. This is so that we can keep an eye on your progress and ensure that everything is going as it should post treatment. If anything does seem to be shifting, then we can act on it right away before it becomes a problem.

Taking care of your teeth after Invisalign treatment is relatively low maintenance. Just ensure that you are keeping on top of your oral hygiene, wearing your retainer, and coming to visit us regularly. Your smile will thank you!