Why Do I Have a Gap Between my Front Teeth?

Post by: / December 29, 2014

A Diastema or gap between two teeth can be the reason for a patient to choose orthodontic treatment. Commonly seen between the upper two front teeth – gaps can be the result of too much space created by really small teeth and over-sized jaws or due to a physical hindrance such as an over-developed frenum (the little piece of tissue that attaches the upper lip to gingival tissue).  And gaps between teeth can appear as a result of a child having an oral habit like thumb or finger sucking and tongue thrust – habits that push the upper teeth outwards, creating a gap.

Regardless of the reason behind a gappy smile – there are always treatment options available to close the gap and restore a person’s smile – that’s if they want to.  Some people love having a gap between their teeth – it’s part of who they are, and they wouldn’t consider changing it.  But for some individuals having a gap between their teeth is a source of embarrassment and frustration, causing someone to become self-conscious of their smile.  Sometimes patients report gum tissue around the gap becomes irritated due to the lack of protection of properly aligned teeth – making biting in to certain foods not only challenging but painful.

What can you do if you’re bothered by a gap between your teeth?  If the gap is a result of misaligned teeth or issues with jaw development; orthodontic treatment can provide a solution that not only closes the gap but addresses the underlying cause.  Closing the gap is often viewed as an esthetic result – but when treatment also encompasses correcting bite concerns that are contributing to other dental health issues then the result goes far beyond esthetics and involves a person’s overall oral health.

Orthodontic treatment can be the solution for correcting esthetic and functional issues; as once you improve the function of a mouth, the esthetics will naturally also improve – and this includes issues like gaps and misaligned teeth.

Do you have a gap between your teeth that drives you crazy?  An orthodontic consultation can provide treatment options that will give you the smile you’ve always wanted, while improving the health of your entire mouth.