Facial Symmetry – How Orthodontic Treatment Improves More Than Your Smile

Post by: / March 16, 2014

Facial symmetry is a well-researched topic – from the impact it has on our own image, to its significance in society’s view of attractiveness.  Just as we take in symmetrical stimuli of our environment more easily than asymmetrical stimuli – it is believed that when we process the balance of a person’s face we are drawing on evolutionary markers of perceived physical health associated with the level of symmetry.  Put in laymen’s terms – even our cavemen ancestors recognized the importance of physical symmetry, and its indication of overall health.

Orthodontists in Calgary and Airdrie are reviewing more than teeth during an orthodontic consultation.  Teeth are just part of an entire dental system – which consists of bones (skeletal system), soft tissue (facial muscles and ligaments) jaw bone, and teeth.  To have a healthy, functioning bite, all aspects of the dental system must work well with one another.  Orthodontists measure jaw and facial bones to be able to predict growth patterns, deficiencies, and abnormalities.  Straightening teeth in jaws that are still developing, or in a mouth that has a growth abnormality requires extensive skill and experience – as a Certified Orthodontist immediately recognizes the indicators that predict a lack of facial symmetry and associated issues.

NW Calgary Orthodontist – Dr. Cory Liss – acknowledges that orthodontic treatment can transform a patient’s life – not just their smile.  A healthy self-image contributes to the development of high self-esteem and confidence to handle every day events.  Starting a new school or job, and dating with enthusiasm and ease all require a certain amount of confidence – and when a young person, or adult, is self-conscious about their smile or facial balance, even the most exciting activity can seem overwhelming.  Orthodontic treatment in Calgary goes beyond straightening teeth; and corrects facial growth concerns, congenital issues, and skeletal abnormalities.

Cory Liss Orthodontics is a Calgary and Airdrie Orthodontic office that treats adults, teenagers, and young children.  Providing orthodontic solutions that address the issues associated with skeletal deficiencies, bad bites, crooked teeth, and speech impediments – Cory Liss and his orthodontic team strive to create a beautiful smile for each patient – and a healthy dental system.  With orthodontic offices in NW Calgary and Airdrie; this Calgary Orthodontist is able to assist patients achieve their best smile and feel good about themselves.

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