Braces and Migraines

Post by: / October 8, 2017

No matter which way you slice it, migraines are the pits. If you’re unlucky enough to suffer this condition, it has likely impacted your life. Whether that means taking time off of work or cancelling on your best friend’s birthday, migraines can be debilitating. The worst thing is that many people don’t know what triggers these super-headaches. Many patients have asked us about the relationship between migraines and orthodontic treatments like braces. In this blog, we are going to explore these questions.

Can Braces Cause Migraines?

You might think that all of the orthodontic equipment in your mouth may be triggering migraines. The truth is that this is quite rare and temporary. Sometimes, the pressure can radiate out and affect the rest of the face, neck, and head. Although there could be many causes, here are the two that we see the most often:

  • Braces are too tight. If your braces have been put on too tight, they may be stretching your nerves, causing your facial bones to react to the pulling.  If it is not possible to have the braces loosened, there are other options. Painkillers like ibuprofen and tylenol can be used along with neck and facial massages to alleviate the pain. The migraines should fade once your teeth shift and there is not as much pressure on your nerves.
  • Dehydration. Many patients who would breathe through their noses before having braces often find themselves as converted mouth-breathers. This is just because the equipment forces your mouth to be open more. Mouth breathing makes it easier for your mouth to dry out, and you wouldn’t believe how much moisture you lose! Not replenishing your water intake could trigger a headache, or worse, a migraine. Keep hydrated to avoid this.


Can Braces Relieve Migraines?

In addition to those causes above, migraines can also be brought on by untreated bite issues. Yes, you read that right: not having orthodontic treatment could actually be causing you pain. Although it’s easy to think that orthodontics are purely aesthetic, that is far from the truth! Having a functional bite contributes to your overall health. Think about it; our teeth, nose, eyes, and ears are in very close proximity. If something is pushing the wrong way, it could throw off everything else. Have you ever had a sinus infection and your teeth were sore? That’s no coincidence! Our body is made up of so many moving parts that need to work together. Here at Cory Liss Orthodontics, we understand this and take into consideration your facial muscles, nerves, and bone; the whole package.

If you think that your migraines may be triggered by a poor bite, it’s time to call the experts. We can help you decipher whether or not orthodontic treatment may benefit your overall health. Book an appointment today and let’s get started!