The Benefits of Orthodontic Treatment in Calgary

Post by: / April 2, 2013

Straightening teeth in Calgary isn’t just about esthetic rewards – sure everybody wants that beautiful smile – straight teeth, supported lips and great arch form.  But beyond esthetics there are a host of benefits that make orthodontic treatment in Calgary worthwhile completing.

Orthodontic treatment can make the difference between a healthy and unhealthy mouth.  When teeth are crooked, crowded and not aligning correctly it makes it tough to keep teeth clean, as brushing and flossing can be challenging.  Most of us would admit to needing motivation to floss straight teeth daily – well imagine how tough it is to navigate around teeth that are overlapped – this leads to a build-up of plaque and calculus which causes gums to be inflamed and recede over time. Teeth that are not being cleaned thoroughly are at high risk for decay and premature tooth loss. Your dentist may refer you to a Calgary Orthodontist for teeth straightening to prevent tooth decay and gum issues that can lead to more extensive dental treatment if left untreated.

Calgary Orthodontists treat patients who experience headaches and facial tension due to teeth not being in correct alignment. Orthodontic treatment moves teeth with gentle force – creating better arch form and tooth to tooth relationship.  Teeth that are not in correct alignment are at risk of fracture, abnormal wear, and periodontal issues.

Dr. Cory Liss, a NW Calgary Orthodontist, explains that the benefits of seeking orthodontic treatment go beyond achieving straight teeth – as the greatest benefit may well be the new found self-confidence patients experience once orthodontic braces are removed.  Yes teeth are in better alignment and beautifully straight – and gum disease and tooth decay has been minimized – and TMJ discomfort and malocclusion has been correctedAnd the orthodontic patient gets to smile big, with no hint of self-consciousness or low self-esteem.  That’s a benefit that impacts not just the patient, but family and friends as well.

Seeing a Calgary Orthodontist for a consultation will allow you to discover firsthand how orthodontic treatment could benefit you or a loved one.  Call this NW Calgary Orthodontist today – no referral required – 403.287.0746