The Benefits of Accelerated Orthodontic Treatment

Post by: / April 15, 2017


The field of orthodontics is an exciting and ever-progressing one. We have come a long way in the past fifty years in making orthodontic treatment more accessible, manageable and effective than ever before! As new techniques and methods are created, there are more options to helping you achieve your perfect smile. One of these specialties is accelerated orthodontics.

What is accelerated orthodontic treatment?

Accelerated orthodontic treatment is exactly what it sounds like, the speeding up of treatment so that you get results faster. In the past, orthodontic treatments generally take years. But now, with new methods being developed and researched, that time can potentially be cut in half. Accelerated orthodontic treatment requires regular orthodontic devices such as braces and Invisalign, and is used in combination with them.

Why get it done faster?

Although the value of having orthodontic treatment over and done with for the sake of convenience and aesthetics is incredibly important, there is another reason that accelerated treatment is esteemed by orthodontists. Lengthy treatments often involve potential side effects, such as root resorption, white spot lesions and periodontal problems. The risk of these increase as treatment time lengthens. Shorten treatment time, decrease those risks.

What are the benefits?

  • Treatment discomfort reduced for two reasons: 1) Less pressure on the teeth, thus resulting in less pain. 2) Less friction, which avoids erosion and deterioration of the teeth.
  • May decrease the need for tooth extraction.
  • Clear brackets can be used, making them less visible.
  • Less appointments to schedule. Studies have shown that patients needed nearly half as many appointments to have the appliances adjusted manually.

Here at Cory Liss Orthodontics, we have invested in the Damon™ System. This is an accelerated orthodontic system that uses fixed ceramic orthodontic braces that apply low friction mechanics to move teeth. We believe in using the best technology to help you discover your best smile. If you have any questions about accelerated treatments, or if the Damon™ System is right for you, give us a call today!