Do Athletics and Orthodontics Play Well Together?

Post by: / February 1, 2018

One of the most common questions we get before someone starts their orthodontic treatment is, “Can I still play sports?” In this article, we answer that question and take a look at some important considerations when it comes to protecting your mouth.

Can I Still Play Sports?

Yes, you can still play sports! Sports with little or no contact, like swimming, will likely not affect your orthodontic treatment. Higher impact activities, like football and rugby, will simply require that you wear a mouthguard to protect your appliances. However, sports like boxing or some types of martial arts are not recommended while you are undergoing orthodontic treatment. These pose a serious risk to your mouth and should be avoided.


As mentioned before, mouthguards can help prevent injuries to the mouth and jaw while doing physical activity. Some sports require mouthguards regardless of whether or not you have orthodontic appliances. Orthodontic mouthguards are custom made to account for your mouth and your appliance, and they are much more comfortable than any store-bought guard.


It is important to note that Invisalign is different from most orthodontic appliances. While traditional braces can easily be damaged by impact, the clear aligners worn during your Invisalign treatment likely won’t affect your athletic life.

In Case of Collision

Accidents do happen, even if you’ve taken all of the precautions to avoid them. Most of the time you won’t need emergency attention. Just in case, make sure you check your teeth and the appliance. Look for anything broken or loosened by the impact. If everything is where it should be, you’re in the clear. If anything is damaged, including your teeth, make sure to call right away, so we can get that fixed!

Just because you have begun orthodontic treatment, it doesn’t mean that your life has to end. You can still enjoy the sports and activities that you did before, just now with some special considerations. Before you begin your treatment with us at Cory Liss Orthodontics, make sure to mention if you are involved in sports, so we can discuss your options and help answer any questions you may have!