Why is Age Seven an Ideal Time to See an Orthodontist?

Post by: / October 20, 2014

Our previous blog talked about the need to sometimes remove baby teeth either in preparation for or during orthodontic treatment.  Permanent tooth eruption occurs at a certain time and in a specific sequence and the process starts at age seven – when a child should have shed their upper and lower incisors to allow permanent incisors to emerge along with the eruption of six-year molars.  A visit to a Certified Calgary Orthodontist at this age presents the perfect opportunity for an orthodontist to monitor correct tooth eruption and spot any concerns regarding jaw development, crowding, and missing teeth, and establish if removing teeth may be in the child’s best interest.

Calgary Orthodontist – Cory Liss – explains that early diagnosis of potential jaw or tooth development allows an orthodontist to intervene and off-set any major issues that may arise if early signs go undetected.  At age seven a child has some permanent teeth – making a trip to the orthodontist a great opportunity to evaluate the bite relationship between the front and back teeth and ensure that there is adequate arch development.  Based on an orthodontist’s clinical exam of the teeth and jaws, it can be established if orthodontic treatment should begin early – or continue to be monitored at regular intervals.  Treatment for young, growing children may be timed with growth spurts to maximize and guide the natural development of jaws.

One of the advantages of early intervention is that little hic-cups can be easily corrected – sometimes helping to avoid more major treatment down the road.  Oral habits like finger or thumb sucking can have a negative effect on developing mouths – causing a narrow, heightened, upper palate and flaring of teeth.  If left undiagnosed and untreated a child’s adult profile and bite can suffer.  But by using a simple appliance like an arch expander a child’s bite can be restored and monitored to ensure that permanent teeth have enough room.

At Cory Liss Orthodontics in Calgary and Airdrie special attention is given to young smiles – as regular monitoring along with some minor intervention can help prevent major orthodontic treatment as a teenager.  To schedule a consultation to see Dr. Liss – contact the office directly – no referral required 403.287.07846