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Staying Healthy – That Means Taking Care of Your Teeth

Preventative Dentistry refers to Dental Exams, Prophylaxis Cleanings, Dental X-rays, and Fluoride Rinses – all of which contribute to the prevention or early diagnosis of dental issues. When routine dental care is neglected it doesn’t take long before minor concerns begin to arise – concerns such as Gingivitis, Dental Decay, and Premature Tooth Loss. But a regular visit to a dentist also presents an opportunity for Tooth Eruption and Jaw Development to be monitored and evaluated.

Hockey Season is Here – Are You Protecting Your Smile With A Sports Guard?

Everyone knows what a big fan Dr. Cory Liss is of the Calgary Flames – even when they’re losing he’s still cheering them on. And as a recreational hockey player himself, this NW Calgary and Airdrie Orthodontist understands the importance of wearing a sports guard when on the ice. It only takes seconds for an accident to occur in any sport – and when a puck, lacrosse stick, ringette ring, or skate blade is veering off course significant damage to the mouth and teeth can occur.

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